Monthly Archives: February 2016

Trust the Process and You Will Succeed

100 years from now our hands will be nothing but dust. Make sure you use them today for what they are intended for, creating beautiful things. If you fail a couple times, no big deal. Nobody will remember the failures but you, as a lesson learned for your next try. Most of the fears you…

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Free Sketching Car Design Course Part 2: Rendering

In the first part of my free car design course, we sketches a side view of a car with a BiC pen and a piece of paper. Now that we have the proportions down, it’s time for part two of this car design course. What we want to do now is render the side view…

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Free Car Sketching Crash Course [VIDEO]

Goooooood morning and happy Monday! To get your week off right, and because you’re awesome for checking out TheSketchMonkey, I created a free car sketching crash course. Inside, I’ll walk you though step by step how to get a sports car right in side view every single time you sketch it. There are a few rules…

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