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A Quick Car Sketching Trick I Want to Show You

Here’s a quick car sketching trick I want to show you. This is something I had problems with for a long time. Whenever I wanted to sketch a 3/4 front view, it always looked weird!! Then I found out what was wrong. When I looked at my sketches in a mirror, it looked like the…

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Industrial Design Sketching – Perspective Basics

Industrial Design Sketching – Perspective Basics Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. I love to sketch cars, I also love to sketch things in perspective. In this video, I combine those two things to show you a few perspective exercises that have helped me understand it better. Hopefully it will help you…

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UGLIEST Car In the World

This is arguably the ugliest car in the world. Definitely on the top 5 list. Most likely on the top 3. BUT there’s always hope! Let’s see what we can do with the Fiat Multipla when we cast the Photoshop spell all over it. What do you think? Did I make it better or worse?…

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Industrial Design Sketching – Quick BiC Pen Car

Sometimes all you need is to put on some acoustic guitar tracks, grab a pen and some paper you find laying around and put down some lines. See where it takes you! In this video I’m sketching a coupe (surprise) in perspective rear view and side view. Tools used: – BiC Round Stic M pen…

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