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Proportions! How to Sketch Products Quickly & Easily (It Gets Weird)

Proportions. It’s a pain to get right sometimes isn’t it. Well it doesn’t have to be. In this video, you’ll learn how to think about proportions when sketching products and of course….cars. You want to start BIG. Explore the big elements of your products and how each element relates to another. Start with big cubes,…

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See What I Did Wrong Here? Cuda Marker Sketch

The most effective way to learn something new, in my opinion, is to keep pushing through when something goes wrong. Not starting over completely, but stop for a minute, analyze what went wrong and then ADJUST. This can be applied to a lot of areas in life. It can also be applied to sketching. When…

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3 Important Sketching Exercises for Any Designer (Beginner)

It’s easy to forget the essentials of design sketching. Oftentimes we want to skip the basics when we are learning something new and jump straight into the advanced stuff. In this video, you will learn of 3 important sketching exercises that I think is useful for any type of designer or illustrator. One thing to…

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