Monthly Archives: October 2018

Let me tell you a story. Do you REALLY want to work as a designer?

What I’m about to say will resonate with some of you and to others it will sound like complete nonsense. And that’s ok. I’ve always thought of myself as being a bad industrial designer. Not because I lack skills, but by choice. Let me explain. Growing up I knew I wanted to do something creative.…

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Artist’s Loft Markers Review – The Good and the Bad

In this Artist’s Loft marker review I’m going to go over the design of the markers, the blending capabilities on marker and print paper, if they smear when using over pen lines and if I think they are worth the price. The set I’m suing for this review is the 6 set of neutral gray…

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How to Sketch a 1970 Firebird with Markers COMPLETE TUTORIAL

In this video, I’ll walk you through the mistakes made when sketching this 1970 Firebird, how to fix them, what tools used and a few cat related things. Check it out below or click HERE. Tools I personally love, use and recommend: Markers: ShinHan TOUCH TWIN Marker 60 Color Set A – Copic Markers 12-Piece Sketch…

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