2020 RAM 1500 Rebel Re-design – Rugged Elegance

The 2020 RAM 1500 comes in 6 trim levels. Starting with the base level Tradesman at around $33k to the loaded Limited edition. Fully equipped, the Limited will cost you around $70k. The Rebel sits right in the middle of this range. That’s the truck we’re focusing on in this video.

My two personal favorite trim level are the REBEL and the LIMITED. What I want to do in this redesign is to combine the two. Keep the ruggedness of the REBEL while redesigning the front to look more like the LIMITED.

The way we’re going to do that is to use simple geometries. Simple shapes and graphics that work together to create a clean but rugged front end.

The reason I’m using simple shapes here is because it suits the truck philosophy – more angled towards function with a geometric graphic design. It doesn’t need to be over stylized.

The first change I’m making is to the grille. I’m not a huge fan of the curved lower part of the frame that goes up and in to the opening of the grille.

To me, it takes away from the strength and width of the front end. Having two parallel lines works well on the rest of the lineup and I want to implement that on the REBEL as well. The longer the individual lines are in the graphics, the stronger the appearance of the truck.

I really like the  design of the RAM 1500. I’ve never been a truck guy and the reason for that is growing up, I barely ever saw one. Another reason is that they’ve never really gotten the design attention they deserve. The RAM 1500 changes that. It’s a great looking truck.

I especially love the headlight treatment of the LIMITED. It’s a very clean design and the two LED bars framing the top and the bottom of the headlights look great ant follows the idea of adding horizontal elements in the front.

I want to create something similar for the REBEL. Keep the height of the headlight and add two distinct LEDs running across the top and bottom. To make it a little more interesting, I’m going to make the end of the top LED thicker where it meets the grille. This gives it more weight towards the center of the car.

This creates a signature look for the RAM. Simple, elegant, aggressive. Just what I’m looking for. This looks especially mean with the Black Appearance Group added to the truck.

To me, the headlights of the car is such an important piece of the overall design and attitude of the car. If done correctly, it gives an idea of what the car is all about. Almost like looking into someones eyes.

Underneath the headlights, I want to remove the bulge and define it more with a big chamfer on each side. This chamfer will connect with the lower bar of the frame around the grille. This creates one single long line stretching across the width of the front end.

I think this change is one of the most impactful ones since it frames the headlight. It also gives it a well defined space.

If we analyze the cutlines and how different pieces connect to each other we see that there are a few interesting line breaks. One of these are the connection between the bumper and the skid plate housing the tow hooks.

Instead of having the air intake be just slightly narrower than the skid plate, I’m going to extend it and have it flow into the the same line as the skid plate creating another unbroken line. To me, this looks better and adds to the structural strength graphically.

I also want to increase the area of the lower air intake to play better with the size of the grille. This way we balance out the graphical elements of the top and bottom part and create a more fluent front end.

I decided to not touch the wheels and add a nice little lift kit to this redesign. The reason for that is I want this to have a stock look and imagine what the RAM 1500 REBEL would look like if I could decide the factory look.

Let me know what you think about this design in the comments below!