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Looking to master your design sketching skills or maybe you want to get an introduction to basic sketching techniques? Are you struggling to learn industrial design sketching from books and other mediums that leaves you to figure it all out yourself?

Whether you're just starting out, or if you are an industrial design student or professional and want to crush it with your sketching, this 3-in-1 Pro Pack is for you.

Analog Designer Pro Pack will help you improve your sketching skills using simple techniques that anyone can learn. Use these techniques to build a professional portfolio, get internships at design studios or land a position as an industrial designer.

I'll walk you through each step of the process from initial line work to the final render and give you an insight to how it's done in the design industry.

Analog Designer Pro Pack is the complete 3-in-1 solution for learning how to design products using analog tools. From basic sketching exercises such as ellipse exercises and perspective sketching to advanced marker renderings of cars and products, it's all here.


The reason I created Analog Designer Pro Pack is to give you an interactive experience and guide you through your learning process. I will always be available to answer any questions you might have in the course forum so that you can get your sketching to the next level as fast as possible.

I've seen the results and improvements first hand with my online students.

You have to have the right mindset before starting the course and really take time to focus and disconnect the noise around you.

Should you complete the courses and feel this wasn't for you, don't worry, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back no questions asked.

Who are you Marouane and why should I invest in this course?

In my courses, you'll get actionable advice and learn techniques that you can implement immediately and see results. I cut the nonsense out of my lectures and focus on what matters. This is something I know I appreciate when taking a course and I think you do too.


Who are you and what can you do for me, Marouane?

You could say I'm a wannabe surfer and backpacker (34 countries and counting) that loves design and helping others succeed. I have worked as an industrial designer, concept artist and illustrator for over 8 years. The techniques I'm sharing with you have allowed me to live my vision I had as a kid, which was to work as a designer and move from a small suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden to the sunny beaches of South Florida.

My professional design journey began in 2008 designing consumer electronics for companies in Hong Kong and the U.S.

In 2010 I moved to Italy to study a master degree in automotive design in collaboration with the design team from Audi and Lamborghini and I graduated a year later. Since then my designs have been featured online and in numerous magazines such as Auto Motor & Sport, Auto Express, Car Magazine, Top Speed and Car Scoop.

What I do

I currently work with the largest privately owned medical device developer in the world to help them solve their design problems and create better products. I'm also the founder and creator of TheSketchMonkey.

Throughout the years I've had the opportunity to work with companies in Switzerland, Italy, USA and Sweden, designing products ranging from medical equipment and food packaging machines to concept art and automotive design.

Why should I join your courses?

If you are serious about improving your skills and you want someone to guide you in the right direction, my courses are for you. One thing to remember though, you need to be prepared to put in the work. You have to have the mindset and desire to want to learn. That's all you need. You'll always be up to date since I will add lectures to the courses on a regular basis.

So what are you waiting for? Join me and thousands of students today and start sketching your own beautiful designs in no time.


Analog Designer Pro Pack

Over 7 HOURS of video content!

Next major price increase: $99

Here's What You Get Instant Access To


Marker Madness

VALUE: $90

Master design sketching with markers from doodles to complete renders with the help of an industrial design expert

  • Choose correct tools to get started with marker sketching
  • Explore deep reflections using marker layers
  • Differentiate between sketching glossy and matte surfaces
  • Learn sketching techniques for a smoother end result
  • Render complex and organic objects and shapes
  • Have an understanding of car design sketching in perspective from start to finish
  • Put soft and hard highlights appropriately
  • Add section and parting lines to a design
  • ...and MUCH more...

Design Sketching Blueprint

VALUE: $50

Design Sketching Blueprint: The essentials from what tools to use such as pen & paper to drawing & sketching exercises for designers

  • Learn what tools to use to start design sketching
  • Draw and sketch using the correct techniques to get smooth results
  • Practice ellipses using pen and paper
  • Practice line quality and learn how to get smooth lines
  • Explore product design sketching using basic geometries
  • Learn how to sketch almost perfect circles without any templates
  • Get introduced to transportation design and car design sketching
  • Have a better understanding of product proportions
  • ...and MUCH more...

Perspective Sketching Made Easy

VALUE: $40

Perspective Sketching the Easy Way: From Coffee Cups to Cars

  • How to easily sketch products and car in perspective
  • Learn to boost your flow of creativity in any given moment
  • Learn to sketch a coffee cup using simple geometries
  • Learn to sketch a car in 3 different perspective views using "Cloud Sketching"
  • Sketch a vacuum in perspective starting with simple guidelines
  • Know the difference between "school book perspective sketching" & Cloud Sketching
  • ...and MUCH more...

Over 7000 successful students can't be wrong. But don't take my word for it - here's some of what they have to say themselves

For the beginner this is great information and I am enjoying and learning from it. Having been trained as a draughtsman, I do have an insight to the basic principals but can't wait to get to drawing cars. I am here to learn and am sure I will and I appreciate the time and effort to put this to-gether. Just compelted the three car views and am excited that I now understand a few more mysteries of how simple it is to draw a car. Thanks for doing this and sharing.

Charlie McGowan

I'm 3dmodeler and I have skills with CAD and polygonal tools, but I always admired to people who creates awesome design illustrations with markers, airbrush, photoshop, etc. So that's why I purchased this course, to see and learn how I can create my designs with analog tools. Big screen tablets are pretty expensive for me,and there is no natural feeling but when you draw with your own hands and see in front of your eyes what you are drawing. With bamboo, intuos or similar graphic tablets you have that feeling, but you are not very precise I think. Here in this course you will learn how start, but also there is one part of the course, where you can learn how to render pretty realistic car. At first I didn't think about purchasing the markers to try out, but now I'm more and more sure that I will give it a try in distant future. So if you wonder how to start and learn new design sketching technics then this course is for you. Enjoy

Koleos3D Novak

Really fun! I didn't realize how big of a difference rounding the corners of the various cubes makes in conveying realism to objects. The sketch techniques felt more like I was building things than drawing which I found quite helpful and enjoyable.

Matthew Nolan

Excellent! Loved how he was able to create drawings using basic shapes and showed me how to draw quickly.

Maryanne Hill

Exquisite, simple instruction. De-mystified many of the fundamental concepts which were holding back my progression as a sketcher and designer. Excited to take the next course, Mr. B.

David Krongel

This is definitely hands on. Simple and straightforward. I'm building confidence to try right from the first lesson.

Scott Tucker

Loved this course - super easy and fun to get back into sketching.

Ikiru G.

Very good starting point to learn how to sketch. I really like the intro tutorials, how to warm up with lines and circles. I definitely recommend it!

Daniel Pirciu

Beautiful detailed course with a lot of practical knowledge!

Valentina Egorova

Mechanical/Industrial design course taught by a car designer. Gives good technique instruction. Probably very useful for science-fiction artists, too.

Alexa Spears

Watch & Learn on the Go!

What Do I Need To Get Started?

This is an analog sketching course. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper & a couple of markers!

Remember, ALL my products are digital and online based. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer to get INSTANT access to Analog Designer Pro Pack!

Once purchased, an email will be sent to you with login details to our members area so you can start learning immediately.

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30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I stand by my products. I know they work and get results. But they’re not for everyone. If you feel this course isn’t for you, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll be more than happy to refund you. There’s absolutely zero risk for you to invest in my online class. Simple as that!

Hold on... Join Analog Designer Pro Pack today & Get 2 Bonus Courses for FREE

That's right! Purchase ADPP today and I will throw in Design Sketching Essentials 1 & 2 for free.

Design Sketching Essentials 1: Introduction to Sketching, Shading & Texturing with a Tablet

  • Have a better understanding of digital design sketching in Photoshop
  • Shade in Photoshop using two different techniques
  • Learn how to quickly and easily fire up the creative side of the brain!
  • Add texture to simple surfaces using images of any texture you like
  • Define what a light source is and how it will guide you in your rendering
  • Add highlights appropriately whether it's a matte or glossy surface
  • Transform a texture to fit the cube correctly in perspective
  • Use the shading of the cube to visualize texture realistically
  • ...and MUCH more...

Value: $9,90

Value: $9,90

Design Sketching Essentials 2: Rendering & Texturing of Round Objects

  • Render round objects in Photoshop & make them look 3D
  • Figure out how your light source will guide you in your rendering and sketching
  • Know what tools to start out with when sketching digitally
  • Know the simple difference between rendering a shiny surface VS a matte surface
  • Wrap any texture of your choice around any round object in Photoshop and make it look realistic
  • Use dark and light shades correctly to visualize shape
  • Easily create a shadow on the ground and correctly show it in perspective WITHOUT over complicating it
  • ...and MUCH more...

Here's EVERYTHING You Get Instant Access to Today

Value: $90

Value: $50

Value: $40

Value: $30

Value: $30

Total Value $240

Analog Designer Pro Pack Launch

This offer is closing in:

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30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I stand by my products. I know they work and get results. But they’re not for everyone. If you feel this course isn’t for you, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll be more than happy to refund you. There’s absolutely zero risk for you to invest in my online class. Simple as that!

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