Apple Pencil – Just a stylus or am I missing something?

The Apple Pencil has me confused. I’m watching the live event by Apple and they introduce the stylus. Jony Ive could probably sell ice to eskimos. With his soothing, calm british accent he can make anything sound incredibly amazing and dream like.

But isn’t the Apple Pencil JUST A STYLUS? Is there anything revolutionary about it? To me it looks cool, I like the simple, clean design, but from a tech standpoint, it seems to be just another stylus for your iPad.

With that being said, Jony still made me consider buying it when it becomes available. That’s the power of a well scripted, well designed sales video. Damn you Apple!

The new iPhone 6S on the other hand looks very interesting. I rarely upgrade my phone just because it’s the latest model, I’m happy with my iPhone 5C. But what I really like with the 6S is the new video editing capabilities.

Being able to capture 4K video and edit it on the go sounds like a good deal. I’ve tried iMovie on my current phone to edit and upload to YouTube and it works ok. Still the screen is a bit too small to really get comfortable editing but for short vlogs it works.

Iphone 6S plus a few phone mounts and holders and we’re all set to start creating some cool sketching videos!

For the tablet, I’m sticking with my old Wacom Intuos 3. It STILL works fine after being abused for over 6 years now and the only reason I would replace it would be if it brakes down on me.

Going back to the subject of this post, what are your thoughts on the Apple Pencil? Would you consider it or prefer to stick with the regular old traditional pencil? After all, it’s a concept that has worked for a few hundred years.

Let me know in the comments below!