BMW 9-Series Coming in 2020

If you think the BMW 7-series isn’t big enough for your needs (I can see that being an issue here in America, where ANYTHING bigger is better), you are in for a treat. According to Car Magazine, the bosses at BMW have decided to bring the concept Gran Lusso Coupe, shown at the 2013 Villa d’Este concours, to life in the form of the new BMW 9-series.

The concept, which is a 2 door coupe, reminds me a lot of the Audi A7. Although the new BMW 9-series will be a four door sedan that sits between the 7-series and the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

So what about the design. If you ask me, I like the design. I especially like the wide front end with the massive signature BMW kidneys. The rear makes me think of the Lincoln MKZ.

As with most new cars, it’s still a bit too conservative for my taste, I wish car makers would take a shot and go nuts on a new car design. Make something crazy, something asymmetrical made out of flexible screens that displays the drivers mood or something. Anything different!

But if we have to stick to the Holy Guide of Car Design in the 21st century, I guess the new BMW 9-series will do.

What’s your thoughts? Do you like it? Comment below!


Source: Car Magazine