IOWA IS COLD! Car Sketching with a Bic & Some Markers

Flew up to Des Moines over the weekend to visit family. It got pretty chilly! Just got back to Florida today and couldn’t WAIT to get sketching again. First video of 2018!

This is what I enjoy doing to relax – car sketching without any specific rules and without it having to look super clean. Keep things dirty and you’ll progress much faster. The more you do the more you learn.

I think we sometimes overthink our sketching. Like we need to get the perspective right, the markers shouldn’t bleed, the pen lines gets all blurry.

It’s the imperfections that brings your sketch to life in my opinion. I don’t want to look at a picture perfect sketch or illustration, what’s the point? I admire the skill but if I want hyper realistic sketches all I have to do is walk outside the door and look around at real life objects.

Bring your identity to your art. That means make it messy.

Car sketching or any type of sketching has to be fun. In this video I’m filling up some of the blank space on an old underlay sheet of paper. It’s already messy, I love that. The messiness gives me some guidance of what to sketch.

For example we already have the wheels sketched out from a previous sketch so we can use that as a wheelbase. From there, all we have to do is decide what kind of vehicle we want to sketch. In this case it turned out to be a sports coupe. Surprise right!

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