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How to Move Across the World, Live Next to a Beach & Sketch Stuff Everyday.

2007 I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today. Actually, I did imagine it everyday — move across the world, live next to a beach & sketch stuff everyday. How cool would that be. I had no idea how to do it, who to contact or talk to, where to start. So I kept…

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This Might Offend You

This might offend you but I always share my thoughts without filters, I don’t like polished and nice, I like honest and raw, otherwise what would be the point. Whenever someone says I want to learn this or I want to do that and then in the same sentence says that they don’t have time,…

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Don’t Follow a System That Wasn’t Designed for You

For most of my life I felt like I don’t fit in. I tried, but it’s like swimming towards the surface to catch a breath with all you have while something is pulling you back down trying to show you where the real treasure is. So I’m not fighting it anymore, I’m embracing it. It just…

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There Are No Shortcuts to Progress and Success

Quite often I get asked what kind of tools I use to sketch. What kind of markers or what kind of pen. What I use for highlights or what paper works best with markers. While these are all legit questions, all of which I myself was asking just a few years ago, I kinda want…

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