Here’s what I think of the Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck. Oh Elon, what have you done.

Ok, so here’s the thing. I, like many others, was waiting for the prank to be over, that they would have some fun with the audience and eventually reveal the REAL Cybertruck.

But as the presentation went on and on, I realized we’re not getting punked here. This is actually the real Cybertruck we’re seeing here.

Once I realized that, I started laughing. Not because of the design of the truck, but because of pure happiness. I realized I was playing along with the programming we’ve all had of what a truck is suppose to be and look like. Looking at it and pretending you’ve never seen a truck before in your life, gives it a new perspective.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is it? Proportionally, the Cybertruck looks great. We could easily turn this into a “normal” looking truck with 5 minutes of Photoshop. In fact, we’re going to do just that later on in this video just for the heck of it.

It’s like a low polygon model of a truck that hasn’t finished rendering. The complete lack of styling and zero shits given of what people think, is what makes it beautiful.

FINALLLLLLLYYYYYY SOMEONE had actually made something different. Something that is 100% in line with their vision with complete disregard of the rest of the worlds opinion.

Many (..or actually the majority) will complain. Aaah it doesn’t look like anything we thought it would. Meeeh it’s too uglyyyy. Why Tesla, whyyyy.

Let’s pump the brakes here for a bit. Let’s go back in time. When I was sketching this just to get a feel for the proportions of the truck, first off, I realized it can be sketching using nothing but a ruler and a pen.

Second, and this is the interesting part, it reminded me of timeless classics. Classics such as the Lancia Stratos Zero, the Lotus Esprit S1 and this might come as a surprise, but to me, it gave me vibes of the Lamborghini Countach as well.

It also reminds me of the Citroen Karin.

There’s no secret that Musk is a big Bladerunner fan. The Cybertruck has clearly taken inspiration from the Sci-Fi movie genre and its concept design and of course automotive design.

To me, the Cybertruck could have easily been driven by Tom Cruise in Oblivion. It would fit right in. Or by Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar.

You know when I was studying car design we worked with Volkswagen on a project and we learned about the design philosophy of Volkswagen while designing our cars. Their philosophy is form follows function. Every line on the car of a VW needs to serve a purpose.

When I look at the Cybertruck, it literally does not have a single line that doesn’t have to be there for the truck to work as designed. It’s stripped to the bare metal (literally). I imagine while Franz and his design team were sketching the initial ideas for the truck, Elon was watching over their shoulders with one question repeat over and over. “Why?” Why is that curve there, why is that radius there, why do you need the crease there, why are you adding a curve to the roofline. Why why why.

And this is the result. A Truck like nothing else we’ve seen before. Is it polarizing? Of course! And it should be. Wanna move design and technology forward? Do outrageous things and put it out there. Shake things up! Brake the norm and introduce new ideas!

Literally EVERYTHING on the road looks dated compared to the Cybertruck. And I think because Tesla had the courage to put out something so different, others will follow.

You have to lead the way and expect to be criticized at first. But let me ask you this – 50 years from now which car do you think you’ll remember – The Mustang Mach-E or the Tesla Cybertruck? Personally, I think the Tesla Cybertruck will go down in history as a classic in the new era of electric propulsion.

I bet this was a lot harder to design than if they were to make it look like the Tesla truck we were all expecting to see. This is breaking new ground. I always talk about designing using simple, basic geometries.

I think Tesla just took that to a whole new level!