Here’s What I Think of the TOGG: Turkey’s First Electric Car

The electric TOGG Sedan and SUV concept have been unveiled. Let’s dive in and see what the Turkish TOGG electric concept cars are made of.



I’ll talk about the spec and tech of the two concepts, what motors and range are available and of course the design. First of all let me start by saying well done Turkey. Well done for putting this program together and creating your first domestic automobile. Congratulations. Not only that, but it’s an electric car filled with modern tech.

It’s an exciting time for the auto industry. We’re living through a global evolutions and it’s interesting to see what car manufacturers come up with. Not only existing brands, but it seems a new electric car company pops up every other week.

I think that has to do with the simplification of the drivetrain and also the fact that they can profitably ride on this huge wave of electric momentum that we see right now.

The TOGG Sedan and SUV concepts were designed with the help of Italian design house Pininfarina and you can tell by the looks of these cars.

They don’t feel insecure. It doesn’t look like these are the first designs coming out of a brand new electric car company.

The cars feel grown up. Solid proportions and lines with the sedan reminding me of the Audi Quattro concept from 2010, a car a had the pleasure of seeing live at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy while I was a car design student.

Let’s dive into the specs of these machines.

Users will be able to choose from 2 different range alternatives offered by the high-energy Li-ion battery technology. TOGG will offer 2 battery packs that provide 300+ km (186 miles) or 500+ km (310 miles) ranges and this will allow the buyers to configure their cars by choosing the most suitable range based on their needs.

If you’re only going to use it for commuting around town, the 186 mile range might be sufficient.

Although they might not be leaders when it comes to range, I don’t mind it. I don’t think that’s a priority at this early stage of electric cars.

What’s more important is the fact that companies like TOGG exists and are backed by the government. We need to get electric cars out on the roads as quickly as possible.

I’m all for combustion engine cars for fun and recreation. Having a weekend car that’s special to you, has a history and you have an emotional connection with.

But for the vast majority of cars out there, this isn’t the case. They’re used for commuting back and forth to work and most owners could care less what’s powering the vehicles. Same goes for commercial vehicles. These are the segments that need to be converted into electric drive.

This is also why I’m excited about this enterprise.

The range might not be mind blowing but the TOGG will reach 80% state of charge in less than 30 minutes.

So if you’ve been driving 150 miles and running low on juice, it would probably do you good to stretch your legs for a couple minutes. Go have a coffee and a snack while the car is recharging. To me personally, this wouldn’t be an issue.

The battery of the TOGG comes with an 8 year warranty. Two drive options are available. The first being a rear-wheel-drive with a single e-motor offering 200 HP. The second option is an all-wheel-drive system with a 2nd motor in the front, offering a combined power of 400 HP.

0-60mph times are decent with it taking 7.6 seconds with its 200 HP option, nothing to write home about. However this drops to 4.8 seconds with 400 HP AWD option, much better.

The TOGG will also come with “Level 2+” autonomous driving capability as standard.

Now one tech feature I can’t wait to see is something called the “Holographic Assistant”.

The idea is to take advantage of augmented reality and 3D imaging technology. This will keep the driver focused on the road and what’s ahead instead of looking down on 2D displays.

From what I understand, it works in a way that it follows you’re eyes and knows where you’re looking. With this information the data you need, such as GPS, speed etc is projected as holograms across the cabin.

Not sure if this would be extremely annoying or useful. I guess we’ll find out eventually however it does sound like we’ll be seeing some Ironman stuff is in production cars in the near future!

So let’s talk about the design of the TOGG concepts

Me personally, I don’t dislike the design, but I’m also not blown away by it.

I can see some Lincoln Corsair in there with a hint of Audi Q3 and maybe even some Mustang Mach-E vibes in the front. The sedan reminds me of the Cadillac CT4. Can you see it?

This isn’t a bad thing. You see when a brand new car company launches a car, it has nothing to look back on. No history, no design identity. They’re starting fresh with a clean blank canvas and this results in taking inspiration from a bunch of different brands.

This is totally fine and understandable. The TOGGs aren’t ugly, but they’re not inspiring either.

It reminds me of the design history of KIA who in the 90s and early 2000s had no idea in what direction they wanted to take their design. It was only recently that KIA found some sort of identity and I think this will be the case with TOGG as well.

For now, what’s important is to get these cars into production. They are set to go on sale in 2022 with a guarantee from the Turkish government of 30.000 cars sold each year for the next few years.

This is great and to me it’s a fantastic example of what can be accomplished when the goal is clear and the resources are there.

I look forward to seeing the TOGG in production and hopefully we’ll see more governments taking initiative like this to further speed up the conversion to electric drive.