How to get over anxiety and fears + VLOG 03

There’s a little personal secret I want to share with you. When I was younger, I used to be extremely camera shy and insecure around people, social anxiety if you will. I was the weird kid in high school that would sketch all day in class and didn’t really talk a lot. (Still don’t like talking just for the sake of talk)…

A big part of the problem was I was trying really hard to be someone I’m so definitely not and fit in in a mold that was the complete opposite of me and when it didn’t work, I got anxious and didn’t know what to do.

I decided screw that, this is not how I want to spend my life. So when I was around 18 I took a job for 6 months as a luggage handler at Stockholm Airport so that I could afford to travel the world for the following 6 months and face what I was afraid of. That’s how to get over anxiety and fears, simply face them head on.

Since then, I’ve realized it’s all in your head and the only way to get over stuff like that and find out what/who/where you are is to experience new things and situations. Don’t think, just do! I always keep challenging myself every opportunity I get because I want to keep growing as a person.

This brings me to a new found passion of mine, VLOGGING! Check out my new VLOG 03 below. In it, me and Lindsey are traveling to my hometown Stockholm for a week and Lindsey experiences Sweden for the first time.


There’s something to vlogging that’s really got me hooked. The storytelling, capturing everyday things and sharing it with the world, the editing… I love all of it.

I asked you earlier if you wanted to see more of these Vlogs and the responses were very positive, thanks for the replies! Don’t worry, my idea is to mix these Vlogs with sketching videos, there will be more of those too.

Watch the video here or click the image below! Say hello in the comments!

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Talk soon and have a GREAT Friday,

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