How to Move Across the World, Live Next to a Beach & Sketch Stuff Everyday.


2007 I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today. Actually, I did imagine it everyday — move across the world, live next to a beach & sketch stuff everyday. How cool would that be.

I had no idea how to do it, who to contact or talk to, where to start. So I kept on sketching, figuring stuff out, keeping my vision alive. Funny thing is, when you have a goal that’s imprinted in your brain, you start doing things that will get you closer to that goal without you even noticing it. As long as it’s aligned with what you really want.

I now have new goals and visions I take action towards every single day. I know it will take time to get there, but who cares? The time will pass anyway and I’m not in a hurry. Keep figuring things out everyday. I honestly think that’s the most important thing to do if you want to move forward. We don’t have all the answers and it’s not suppose to be easy. Easy is boring anyway and for the lazy.

The worst thing would be to stop dreaming and wake up one morning 20, 30, 40 years from now thinking “…I could have given it my all, but for some stupid reason I didn’t”

Have a great start on the new year! Much love.