How to Sketch a Car In Perspective Front View

Decided to put together a quick little video on how to sketch a car in perspective front view, kinda like a sequel to the previous video since many of you were asking for it.

So here it is!

Basically the same technique as the 3/4 rear view, with the one major difference being the position of the green house, or coupe.

Start BIG, then go into details and features of the design. Remember to start with one single base line, then go ahead and put out the wheels. This will give us a sense of proportions and the wheel base of the car.

Once we’ve done this, we move on to the greenhouse. The greenhouse is basically the cabin of the car. These lines will vary depending on if you’re looking to sketch a coupe, wagon, convertible or SUV.

Add a centerline to help guide your sketching and keep the symmetry of the design.

Hope you like it and learn something.

Question? Ask away in the comments below.