Huion KAMVAS 20 Review – From a Designers Perspective

The Huion KAMVAS 20 is a new tablet as of 2019. I’ve tested it and reviewed it to see if we can use the Huion KAMVAS 20 to re-design cars in Photoshop. The big difference with this tablet when you first see it is it doesn’t come with any customizable buttons. To me, this isn’t a problem and I’ll show you why that is in the video.

The question is – will it get the job done? Can we use the Huion KAMVAS 20 in our workflow? In this video, I’ll show you what’s inside the package, what cables or adapters you need to set it up, how to install the KAMVAS 20 and calibrate it. Once that’s done, it’s time to jump into Photoshop and get sketching!

Let’s find out what this tablet can do.