I forgot how to sketch in Photoshop EMBARRASSING


Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro used to be all the sketching I ever did back in the day. Digital sketching was a lot easier than picking up a scary marker and try to figure that stuff out.

In the world of digital sketching, you’re allowed to cheat. CTRL+Z is always there. Your fingers resting on them ready to immediately eliminate your mistake in a matter of milliseconds. Wipe it out from the world and your memory.

It wasn’t really until I started focusing on analog sketching that my skills started to improve. There are no CTRL+Zs when using BiC pens and markers. Your mistakes are exposed in the open for anyone to judge.

But to me that’s what makes a sketch beautiful. The imperfections and “dings”. It shows the human side of it. No one is perfect.

In this video I dust off my old Wacom tablet I’ve had since Counter Strike 1.6 was the hottest thing online. Well, it’s maybe not that old BUT it’s been with me pretty much around the world for over a decade.

It’s been a while. It seems as if I forgot how to sketch. As I’m sure you can tell by my squiggles. I also forgot how fun it is to doodle around in Photoshop.

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