I Opened Up My Old MacBook…

I opened up my old MacBook and found some sketches from way back. 2008 was my second year studying industrial design in a small city in the middle of Sweden.

I used to take the bus home to Stockholm on the holidays, it was about a 4 hour ride. I really enjoyed those rides. Especially in the wintertime.

I would plug in my headphones, put my hoodie over my head and think about where I wanted to be a few years from now. I had no idea if I was going to get a ️design job after college. Or if that’s what I even wanted. I sometimes started thinking “who would ever pay me to draw things? Am I doing the right thing here?” If I didn’t love sketching so much I probably would have gone down a different road. Design was kind of a grey area for me. Actually still is. What is design??

Those bus rides gave me time to reflect. As I was looking out the window on the white cold night that was passing by, I was quietly dreaming about moving abroad. Somewhere warm and sunny. Somewhere close to a beach. That thought always stuck with me.

It’s funny how you start taking the steps towards your dreams without even noticing it sometimes. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t ever stop working for it. And once you reach it, set up new goals and visions. Why? Because that will make you realize that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

I hope you’re taking the steps in the direction of your vision, whatever it may be. Keep moving forward and reach as far ahead as you can. No need to look back.

Just a story I wanted to share since I found this old sketch.

Keep sketching my friends.

Marouane Bembli