My Weird Morning Sketching Ritual [Video inside]

If you’re following me on Instagram (@thesketchmonkey), you’ve seen the result of my weird morning sketching ritual in some posts. I do this almost every morning. Starting the day off right is essential for me. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. If I start the day doing what I enjoy, the rest seems to fall into place.
Try it yourself for a week! Take this week to wake up 30 min or an hour earlier (I know, it might sound difficult but the hard part is actually getting your feet out from under the warm blanket and onto the cold floor, the rest is easy) do something you enjoy in the morning before work or school. Before the outside world and the responsibilities of the day catches up to you.
Wake up, get your body moving with a 5 min exercise routine (boost those endorphins) + do something you enjoy and you’re all set 🙂
Below is a short video I put together of my weird morning sketching ritual and my pissed off cats trying to kill me. They remind me of myself before I had my breakfast and coffee.

Do you have a weird morning ritual? Let me know in the comments below!