I’m Not a Fan of Making Grand Plans

I’m not a big fan of making grand plans for years to come. Whether it be geographical, in a state of mind or working on a project, staying too long in one place is dangerous. Having life “planned out” sounds incredibly boring to me.

When I can see myself and know exactly where I will be and what I will be doing a year from now, I know something needs to change. Because if I know how my life will look like 12 months from now, the way to that point is less colorful and exciting since I already know the destination, I’m not enjoying the journey as much and the experiences that comes along the way to that pre set destination goes by unnoticed.

It’s like cruising on a straight highway in the desert constantly for 12 months. When I’m in a situation like this I have two options. One is to find another road that I didn’t plan on taking, one that is outside of what my GPS of life is telling me to take, one that has hills and curves and perhaps some narrow mountain passes to keep me alert and awake, how exciting!

I would look around, plan my move only up until the next bend not knowing what will be revealed behind it. The other option is to veer off the highway completely, go off road into the desert and see what I find there. You never know, I might find something beautiful.

If not, the GPS will tell me to make a U-turn and go back to safety, until I’m ready to go off road again.

The point you never know what you might find if you choose a different path than the one you, or someone else, chose for you.