How to Marker – Easy Shading with Few Markers


Here’s how to marker a relatively easy shape and a shape that’s a bit more organic. Mess things up! Don’t worry about it. Have fun and then do it all again — Markers, pencils, T-shirt & more on Use promo code SKETCH10 for 10% off your entire order! Follow @thesketchmonkey on Instagram!

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My Massive Issue with the Mercedes CLA Design


This might come as a surprise, because many many people find this car absolutely beautiful, including my brother. I can see why. There’s just this one little (massive) thing that I can’t stop thinking about whenever I see the Mercedes CLA on the road. It’s face. It’s massive. It’s like they shrank everything on the…

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Why I HATE the Nissan Juke


It’s not a secret, I hate the Nissan Juke. Some cars should just be banned from the streets. Nissan Juke is one of them. Here’s why!

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Improve Your Sketching By Being A Copycat – Here’s how


Improve your sketching by being a copycat, by that I mean find designers or artist who has a style that you really like, then try to copy their work. Put your sketch side by side with the original and see what you can do better. For me, Tommy Forsgren has been a huge inspiration since…

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Why I Twitch Every Time I See a Nissan Juke

Juke copy

Whenever I see a Nissan Juke, I have to look the other way. One single line destroys everything in the design for me. When I see one, I have two options. One is to look the other way, think about something else fast and pray I never see one again. The other option is to…

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How to Sketch a Car In Perspective Front View

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 6.37.37 PM

Decided to put together a quick little video on how to sketch a car in perspective front view, kinda like a sequel to the previous video since many of you were asking for it. So here it is! Basically the same technique as the 3/4 rear view, with the one major difference being the position…

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Weekend Sketch Challenge

VW Lines

Here’s a weekend sketch challenge for you that I know will make your sketching skills go through the roof by Monday. Here’s what I suggest: Find an old sketch you’ve done, it can be of anything – a car, a vacuum cleaner or why not one of the Street Fighter characters. It doesn’t matter. What…

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3 Key Lines to Sketching Cars in Perspective

3 line car

Hey! In this quick video, I want to show you something I hate doing – sketching cars… Just kidding, who doesn’t love to sketch cars? Madness! Anyway, inside the video you’ll learn about the 3 key lines you need when sketching cars in perspective. We’re gonna focus on 3/4 rear view (yes that’s right , my favorite…

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Industrial Design Sketching – How to Sketch Ellipses


Ellipses are a big part of industrial design sketching. But sketching ellipses can be hard. Here’s a quick trick that I think might help you out if you’re struggling with it. Worked for me, hopefully it works for you too. Oh, and don’t forget your coffee!!!

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Join my Wacom Sketching Crash Course. It’s free.


Are you struggling with your digital sketching? Have you tried learning from books only to realize it’s not that easy to learn from pictures? I’ve put together a course on digital sketching, I call it the Wacom Sketching Crash Course and I think you’ll like it. Oh, and it’s free. Here’s some of what you…

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