Top 10 Ugliest Modern Cars That Should Be Banned


We all have our favorite cars and car designers. For me, a car is a piece of art, a sculpture, a work of passion. But sometimes, things go wrong. Very wrong. Here are my top 10 ugliest modern cars that should be banned from the streets.   1 – Pontiac Aztek The mother of ugly…

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BMW 9-Series Coming in 2020


If you think the BMW 7-series isn’t big enough for your needs (I can see that being an issue here in America, where ANYTHING bigger is better), you are in for a treat. According to Car Magazine, the bosses at BMW have decided to bring the concept Gran Lusso Coupe, shown at the 2013 Villa d’Este…

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The Problem With Car Design


There is a problem with car design today. Citroen revealed a new small coupe a while ago they’re launching sometime soon. When I first saw it, something struck me. Being Citroen, I thought I was going to see some cool, funky shapes and innovative B-pillars but this time it was surprised. The surprise soon turned into…

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How Do You Learn to Sketch?


This is a question I get almost everyday. How do you learn to sketch? How do you get better? What tools do you use to make those lines? The answer is always the same. How do you learn to sketch? You have got to practice. You have got to DO. This applies to whatever it…

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5 Essential Tools for the Analog Designer


If you didn’t know already, sketching is one of my great passions. Whether it be digital or analog, I try to make time for sketching every day and continue to improve my skills. In this post you will learn the 5 essential tools for the analog designer, tools I always want to have available on…

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How to Move Across the World, Live Next to a Beach & Sketch Stuff Everyday.

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at 9.07.20 AM

2007 I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today. Actually, I did imagine it everyday — move across the world, live next to a beach & sketch stuff everyday. How cool would that be. I had no idea how to do it, who to contact or talk to, where to start. So I kept…

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9 Steps to Sketch a Car with Markers

IMG_5988 copy

Sketching cars with markers will always be a little bit more special than using Photoshop for me. Here are 9 steps to sketch a car with markers I think you’ll enjoy.   Step 1:  Fill out the outline of the car with a light pencil. Messed up the lines? No worries, they will get buried under…

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This Might Offend You


This might offend you but I always share my thoughts without filters, I don’t like polished and nice, I like honest and raw, otherwise what would be the point. Whenever someone says I want to learn this or I want to do that and then in the same sentence says that they don’t have time,…

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Don’t Follow a System That Wasn’t Designed for You


For most of my life I felt like I don’t fit in. I tried, but it’s like swimming towards the surface to catch a breath with all you have while something is pulling you back down trying to show you where the real treasure is. So I’m not fighting it anymore, I’m embracing it. It just…

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Top 9 Industrial Design Blogs


Industrial design blogs can be pretty hard to find, especially good ones. By good ones I mean blogs that are updated regularly with great content related to industrial design. Here are TheSketchMonkey’s top 9 industrial design blogs of the interwebs. 1, Core 77 Core 77 is probably the number one blog when it comes to articles…

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