See What I Did Wrong Here? Cuda Marker Sketch

The most effective way to learn something new, in my opinion, is to keep pushing through when something goes wrong. Not starting over completely, but stop for a minute, analyze what went wrong and then ADJUST.

This can be applied to a lot of areas in life. It can also be applied to sketching.

When you make mistakes, don’t get frustrated. Mistakes are golden opportunities in disguise. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t improve.

Make sure you understand WHY it went wrong, then keep moving. Now, you have improved since you have learned what NOT to do.

In this video, I’m making a lot of mistakes in my sketching. The proportions are off, the A-pillar is in the wrong place, wheels are incorrect in perspective.

I almost stopped the video to start over but I decided to finish the sketch as an example of my “Adjust As You Go” philosophy.

I hope you find the video useful!