This is the Tesla Cyberwagon


The Blue One – This Tesla Model S wagon was built for a British entrepreneur. He wanted the performance of the Model S but also enough space to carry his dogs.

There are a few problems with the design. The C-pillar treatment doesn’t play well with the rest of the design. It’s too boxy. 

However, it’s still the fastest wagon in the world though with a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds.

The Green One – A Dutch coach builder built this car for a client who is collecting Shooting Brakes, or sporty station wagons. He’s also a huge EV fan apparently and wanted to mix the two interests and out came this green machine.

Looks better than the blue one, but there are no Cybertruck vibes in it.

These designs might have worked 10 years ago. Today, they don’t suit the design direction Tesla is going. They’re not Cyber enough or at all for that matter.

What I’m gonna do in this video is create a Tesla Cyberwagon. Why? Because first of all Tesla needs a wagon in its lineup and second, wagons are awesome.

So what will the Cyberwagon be based on? Well, judging by the name, it’s pretty clear. I want to create a Cyberwagon that’s the Cybertruck’s little brother. Inspired by contemporary, minimalist architecture where large graphical features build up the object without being cluttered by lines and angles that don’t have a purpose.

Not so much focused on automotive design styling cues, but instead the lack of it.