Top 10 Ugliest Modern Cars That Should Be Banned

We all have our favorite cars and car designers. For me, a car is a piece of art, a sculpture, a work of passion. But sometimes, things go wrong. Very wrong. Here are my top 10 ugliest modern cars that should be banned from the streets.


1 – Pontiac Aztek

The mother of ugly cars. Pontiac Aztek finish first in almost every poll ever made of ugliest production cars and honetsly, I can totally see why. I mean, what was going on in the design office of Pontiac when they decided to go forward with this repulsive styling? Who said “Yes!! This is it! We have a winner here, let’s build it!”? It’s so ugly that I actually want one.




2 – Fiat Multipla

I admire the effort, Fiat. Trying to make a 7 seater with a funky design. But every time I see one, I have to put up my hands and block the view and hope that it drives away. It looks like a mutant fish you might find swimming around a coral reef. And that’s being nice.




3 – Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

The first thing I thought when I saw this car for the first time was that it had to be a custom build made out of two different cars. The proportions are just annoying because the rear overhang should be longer or move the rear axle forward. It’s like it doesn’t know what it want to be – a hatch, a wagon or something in between?




4 – Porsche Panamera

My wife says the side view of the Panamera looks like Mr Burns head from the Simpsons. I kind of agree. Regardless, it’s ugly. Thankfully, the 911 balances it out for Porsche.




6 – Jeep Compass

What is going on with that front? Looks like the designers found spare parts from old Jeeps and just slapped them onto the car. Just look at those front indicators in relation to the round headlights. What’s up with that?




7 – Kia Pride 

Simply put, there’s nothing to be proud of regarding anything related to this car.




8 – Subaru B9 Tribeca

I have a problem with that nose. If somehow they could just do something about that upside down square in the middle, it might have been saved from this list and managed to look like EVERY other SUV out there.




9 – Tata Nano

This little fella looks like a mosquito walking on its toes. I can’t stop laughing whenever I see it. I think that’s the only positive aspect of this car.




10 – Atrocity in Texas

I have no idea what car this is or who decided it was a good idea to create it, but this will be the first and ONLY time I will post this hideous thing here. Good Lord.



There are plenty of ugly cars out there but these are my top 10 ugliest modern cars that simply should be banned from ever seeing the light of day.

What car is missing from the list? What car would you add? Write in the comments below, looking forward to see which one you pick!