Trust the Process and You Will Succeed

100 years from now our hands will be nothing but dust. Make sure you use them today for what they are intended for, creating beautiful things.

If you fail a couple times, no big deal. Nobody will remember the failures but you, as a lesson learned for your next try. Most of the fears you might have right now, it might be whether to stay or go, whether to take a shot or not or, doesn’t matter to anybody but you.

Would you rather stay safe your entire life, where you have always been with no change, wondering what could have been or would you rather live life always experiencing new things and environments which allows you to grow as a person?

I honestly believe anyone can do anything if they commit and trust the process. Today everyone wants instant results. Instant notifications, instant fast food, instant weight loss… An on demand generation. We want it NOW. You plant the seed, CULTIVATE the seed with care over a long period of time, THEN harvest. It takes effort. A lot of people are missing the middle step.

This gives us a huge opportunity. If we trust the process and realize that being great at something isn’t going to happen overnight and we decide to commit to something, then we are already far ahead of the majority. So give it a go! Leave your mark and trust the process.

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Have a GREAT day my friend!