Weekend Sketch Challenge

Here’s a weekend sketch challenge for you that I know will make your sketching skills go through the roof by Monday.

Here’s what I suggest:
Find an old sketch you’ve done, it can be of anything – a car, a vacuum cleaner or why not one of the Street Fighter characters. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is it has to be a sketch that you’re not too happy with. You know you can do better.

Then, redo that sketch at least 4 times over the weekend. Analyze it each time. What looks off? What can be adjusted? Why does it look weird? Flip it upside down, mirror it. Then sketch it again.

On Monday, put the old sketch next to the latest version and behold – PROGRESS!!

I think the main reason why some people advance and learn quicker than others is that they tend to stick with the problem juuuust a bit longer than the other guy.

If the sketch looks off, take a minute or two to analyze the reason why and try to save it, adjust as you go. Stick with it a bit longer instead of scratching it before you’ve figured out what’s wrong with it.

Try it out! If you’re brave enough feel free to tag me in your before/after photos.

Good luck and have a fantastic day!