What is Concept Design and Why Do We As Designers Need It?

“What is concept design?”, one might ask. Working as an industrial designer is fun and all BUT there’s a problem. It requires talking with engineers. And engineers tend to destroy the aesthetics of a design and only focus on cost, manufacturability etc. Yes, they are needed and sometimes you just gotta compromise.

But there are times when I don’t feel like compromising. I just want to make something look awesome with insane surfaces and lasers. What do we do then? Well, that’s where concept design comes in.

For me, concept design or concept art is all about letting yourself go creatively without having to ever think about the design getting manufactured. It’s about stretching reality and pushing yourself by experimenting with new sketching techniques and telling an engaging story.

That’s what I focused on in my course called Concept Design: Unleash Your Creativity in Photoshop. In it you will learn a new way of exploring shapes and concept designs using Photoshop. I’d like you to remove all rules and regulations about design and let your creativity flow free. In this class, we are going to give the blank canvas a purpose without holding anything back.

If you’re interested, you can join the course here. Check out the video below for a sample of what’s inside tho course.

Hope to see you inside 🙂