Why I Twitch Every Time I See a Nissan Juke

Whenever I see a Nissan Juke, I have to look the other way. One single line destroys everything in the design for me. When I see one, I have two options. One is to look the other way, think about something else fast and pray I never see one again. The other option is to find the biggest hammer I can find, grab i firmly with both hands and start hammering on that insanely annoying A-pillar!

I mean just look at it. Everywhere in the design you see rounded shapes, sweeping curves and organic features. EXCEPT for that stupid A-pillar. It’s such an eye sore, I had to do something about it. Since I don’t want to end up in jail for hammering the crap out of a Nissan Juke, I decided to use my old friend Photoshop to solve this issue for me and give me some piece.

Here’s the result:

See how much easier on the eye the design gets when we just round off that stupid a-pillar? It makes me happy. Then I look at the original version and my eye starts to twitch again.

I have nothing against the design of the a-pillar itself, it works on the GT-R. But that's because the GT-R is not an organic, soft, cute little blob compact SUV. There are other lines on the GT-R that works WITH the sharp a-pillar.

Anyway, it feels good to get this out of my system. I think I might be able to move on now.

What are your thoughts on the Juke design? You love it or hate it? Let me know below!