Design Sketching - 3 Key Lines to Sketching Cars in Perspective

Design Sketching - 3 Key Lines to Sketching Cars in Perspective

Hey! In this quick video, I want to show you something I hate doing – sketching cars… Just kidding, who doesn’t love to sketch cars? Madness!

Anyway, inside the video you’ll learn about the 3 key lines you need when sketching cars in perspective.

We’re gonna focus on 3/4 rear view (yes that’s right , my favorite view) and put out a few lines that will guide us throughout the sketch.

You see, sketching cars in perspective isn’t as complicated as one might think. What we need to do is to start with the big lines and get the proportions right before we start to design the features of the car.

Once we have our 3 key features of the design down, the rest becomes so much easier. The cool thing is, you can use these 3 key lines to sketch any type of vehicle you want from almost any perspective, which makes it very powerful.

I try to keep it real simple so even if you’re a beginner and haven’t been sketching cars in perspective before, my goal is that you will be able to follow along and see some cool results.

Please let me know what you think about this method in the comments below, it would mean a lot!

Tools used: BiC Round Stic Pen (of course) & the cheapest printing paper you can find.

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