Free Photoshop File – Muscle Car Sketch

Free Photoshop File – Muscle Car Sketch

Sometimes it’s hard to see how a sketch is built up by just looking at it. This is why I’m giving you this free photoshop download of a muscle car I did a couple days ago.

You can download the .psd file here.

Once downloaded, you can open the file up in Photoshop on your computer and step by step activate layer by layer. This way will make it easier to get an understanding of how you can build up a quick rendering using layers and what goes in each layer as well.

I usually start out most of my Photoshop renderings by outlining the silhouette of whatever it is I’m sketching. This gives me a sense of proportions and will help guide the rest of the sketch.

Once I’m happy with the proportions, I go ahead and start with the basic shading. Keeping the light source in mind, I use a large airbrush and erase what I don’t need of the airbrush to define the shape.

I do this same thing in several layers, working from big design features such as the shoulder line all the way down to details such as the bumpers or rear view mirrors.

Once I’m done with the airbrush, I go in and add highlights using a fine tip white brush.

That’s the basic steps I take when rendering stuff in Photoshop. I hope it made sense!

I’m sure it will make more sense once you’ve opened up the photoshop download file.


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