How to Sketch a Car in 10 Minutes (SIMPLIFIED)

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How to Sketch a Car in 10 Minutes (SIMPLIFIED)

How to sketch a car in 10 minutes! There are only a few KEY lines and techniques you need to know about when it comes to sketching cars, especially in side view.

Below I share the most basic outlines for doing this. And we also stalk a Lexus RC F in downtown Sarasota.

You want to start big – get the proportions of the car down. How do we do that? We look at the wheelbase. Depending on what type of car your sketching, the distance between the wheels will vary. So before you start out with the sketch, have an idea of what type of car or vehicle you are going to sketch.

Once the wheelbase is down on the paper, it’s time to start building up our car. To do this, think of the car as a big box. An easy way to get going is to draw a rectangle on top of the wheels and then “sculpt” the rectangle by adding radiuses and removing corners. Get the big elements down on paper before starting to think of details.

I hope this video will help you out! You don’t really need markers for this but if you have a few laying around, use them.

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