How to Sketch Products Using This ONE Trick NO JOKE

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How to Sketch Products Using This ONE Trick NO JOKE

How to Sketch Products Using This ONE Trick NO JOKE

In order to sketch products correctly, there are a few things to consider. It’s not always easy in the beginning. They don’t look right. Proportions are off. Everything seems to go wrong.

Well in this video I’m going to simplify things for you and have you look at products in a different way. You see most times we tend to overcomplicate things. If we take in too much information and too many details at once we get overwhelmed. Instead, if we brake stuff down into the basics and get a good overview of our sketch before going into details, we’re already 80% done with the sketch.

I’m going to show you how to sketch products by just looking at them. We do this using what I call the Product Breakdown technique. We’re going to use a water spray bottle for this example but keep in mind that this technique can be used to sketch anything from bottles to cars, animals, humans or even landscape sketching.

Might sound weird but trust me, if you try this and really practice this way of sketching, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your work. You’ll be able to sketch products quickly and easily by using this technique and then put it down on paper within minutes.

Hope this was helpful for you. If it was, share it with a friend I’m sure they’ll thank you for it!

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The pens I’m using in this video are the BiC Round Stic M. I use them for pretty much all sketching I do whether it be car sketching, doodling or rendering.

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