Improve Your Design Sketching By Being A Copycat – Here’s how

Improve Your Design Sketching By Being A Copycat – Here’s how

Improve your design sketching by being a copycat, by that I mean find designers or artist who has a style that you really like, then try to copy their work. Put your sketch side by side with the original and see what you can do better.

For me, Tommy Forsgren has been a huge inspiration since I was a kid. I used to copy his sketches all the time and try to understand how he make the sketches look so awesome with such few lines and markers. You can check out his work here!

Once you have found your designers and a couple of reference sketches, start to analyze the lines, the proportions, perspective and so on. Feel free to share your work in the comments below, I’d love to check it out. If you post your work online, don’t forget to give credit to the person who made the original content!

Copying is like turbo boosting your learning curve. Then when you let go of the safety of having a reference, you start to see that you are creating your own style out of the copies you made. The more references you use the more interesting your personal style becomes.

Once you’ve done this, do it all over again for a few hundred times and I can guarantee you’ll see great improvements.

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