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In this video I’m going to redesign the current BMW M240i into what I think would be a worthy successor to the BMW M2.  Lately, BMW design has not been great. There’s just no other way to put it. They have completely diluted their own design language which used to be one of the strongest on the market.Remember back in the 80s and 90s? Even up until the mid 2000s? The face and the proportions of a BMW was unified across the entire lineup. You knew without a doubt that what you were looking at was a car manufactured and...

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What’s going on with BMW? In this video that’s exactly what I’m going to explore. I’m going to show you the golden era of BMW design and then compare it to today's cars and show you why BMW is heading in the completely wrong direction with its design. I’m not just gonna say that they’re ugly and totally lack the spirit of what a BMW is, I’ll show you why that’s the case by going back in time. Growing up, BMWs were some of the coolest, most confidence inspiring, beautiful cars on the roads. They were instantly recognizable thanks to...

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