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How to sketch a car in 10 minutes! There are only a few KEY lines and techniques you need to know about when it comes to sketching cars, especially in side view. Below I share the most basic outlines for doing this. And we also stalk a Lexus RC F in downtown Sarasota. You want to start big – get the proportions of the car down. How do we do that? We look at the wheelbase. Depending on what type of car your sketching, the distance between the wheels will vary. So before you start out with the sketch, have...

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car marker sketch, car sketch, industrial design sketching -

Knowing where to put markers on a sketch can be tricky sometimes. That’s why there are a couple of guidelines to follow. In the video below, you’ll learn a couple of the industrial design sketching techniques I like to use.

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car marker sketch, car sketch, how to sketch a car with markers -

Sketching cars with markers will always be a little bit more special than using Photoshop for me. Here are 9 steps to sketch a car with markers I think you’ll enjoy. Step 1:  Fill out the outline of the car with a light pencil. Messed up the lines? No worries, they will get buried under layers of markers throughout this render, so we won’t even see those lines once we are done. Once you’re happy with the the lines, start with a light marker, using a color of your choice, to start laying down some sweet reflections.   Step 2: I...

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