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This story will resonate with some of you and to others it will sound like complete nonsense. And that’s ok. I’ve always thought of myself as being a bad industrial designer. Not because I lack skills, but by choice. Let me explain. Growing up I knew I wanted to do something creative. Every time I picked up a pen it wasn’t to write something, it was to draw. My textbook throughout elementary school, high school and college are all filled with doodles even if the subject was chemistry or math. From the time I was 8-9 years old I knew that...

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Artist’s Loft Markers Review – The Good and the Bad In this Artist’s Loft marker review I’m going to go over the design of the markers, the blending capabilities on marker and print paper, if they smear when using over pen lines and if I think they are worth the price. The set I’m using for this review is the 6 set of neutral gray Artist’s Loft alcohol based markers. As with all markers, there are some good and bad to go over and I’m going to cover it all in this Artist’s Loft markers review. Design The profile of the marker...

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How to Sketch Products Using This ONE Trick NO JOKE In order to sketch products correctly, there are a few things to consider. It’s not always easy in the beginning. They don’t look right. Proportions are off. Everything seems to go wrong. Well in this video I’m going to simplify things for you and have you look at products in a different way. You see most times we tend to overcomplicate things. If we take in too much information and too many details at once we get overwhelmed. Instead, if we brake stuff down into the basics and get a good...

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