The Simple Industrial Design Tools You Need

The Simple Industrial Design Tools You Need

Sometimes I get the question about what industrial design tools I use and thought I’d make a short list of the essentials here. First of all, I just invested in a stand up desk the other day. Love it! I feel less drowsy and more alert plus whenever I’m done working it feels good to sit down. All positives so far!

Still have my old Wacom Intuos 3 Wide which I got in 2008. Works great. I can throw it in the wall if I get frustrated from my messy lines, it will still work. The only part that’s showing signs of aging is the wire and especially the area where it connects to the tablet.

It’s a mess right now and the inside wiring is exposed because that’s where the wire gets bent in weird angles the most. I’m going to use some electric tape until it stops working and I have to replace the wire!

I also use a Huion KAMVAS 20 for my redesign videos. 

For markers I have a bunch of different brands that I’ve collected over the years. Mostly Copics though. The paper I use right now whenever I wanna get serious with a marker sketch (lol) is Canson XL marker paper.

Whenever I’m just doodling I use regular printing paper or any paper around. My pen is a BiC round stic. Cheap and works great. Nice flow to it. I think that’s that. Don’t take the choice of tools too seriously.

The important thing, if you want to get better at anything, is to simply Do It. Do it using whatever tools you currently have. It’s easy to procrastinate and come up with excuses that we don’t have the tools we need. But we all know that this is just our way to prolong something that should have been done yesterday.


Have a GREAT day!

PS. What tools are you currently using? Any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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