Top 9 Industrial Design Blogs

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Top 9 Industrial Design Blogs

Industrial design blogs can be pretty hard to find, especially good ones. By good ones I mean blogs that are updated regularly with great content related to industrial design. Here are TheSketchMonkey’s top 9 industrial design blogs of the Internet.

1, Core 77

Core 77 is probably the number one blog when it comes to articles for people interested in getting in a career in industrial design. With a great and friendly forum community and latest news from the design world, Core 77 is a must read for aspiring and professional industrial designers.

2, Product Design Hub

Product Design Hub is a great site for gathering resources and information about industrial design from all over the Internet. From what books to read and competitions, to design videos, interviews and events, most of it is gathered here.

3, Yanko Design

Yanko Design focuses on delivering you news on new products and design concepts through a clear and clean blog. If you have created a cool design or know of someone who did, you can submit it to Yanko Design and they might end up featuring it on the site.

4, Car Body Design

I’m a big fan of car design and Car Body Design has been a great resource for me throughout the years. They have an archive of helpful tutorials from basic sketching to rendering and modeling which I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help add to.

5, Car Design News

Car Design News is similar to Yanko Design but in this case we are talking about car design rather than product design. New car models are presented here and the site also hosts a bunch of student portfolios which can be inspiring to look through.

6, Industrial Design Served

On Industrial Design Served you can vote for the news articles you think are the most popular and as the name entails, they are mostly related to product design. A real gold mine if you’re looking for inspiration for your next project.

7, Dexigner

Dexigner hold a massive directory of pretty much every design company and firm you can think of whether it be product design, industrial design, animation, 3D you name it. If you’re looking to contact a design company, look through this directory to find their contact information.

8, Design Milk

Design Milk is a cool blog with news from the design world and articles related to architecture, style, interior design and tech. Great source for broadening your mind as an industrial designer.

9, Erdnispiration is the Tumblr blog when you want to quickly inject yourself with a shot of inspiration. Great design, stuff & things.

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